Family Group 7

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Primary Ancestor: 

William Bolling, Born: ca1704, Died: ca1772

Was born ca 1705 probably in Virginia
Died ca 1772 in Orange Co., Virginia
Married Anne ? by 1735

Group 7 Bowlings

William Bolling was born ca 1705 probably in Virginia . He appears first in Orange Co. in the 1737 tax list, where an unidentified John Bolling is also taxed. Earlier, in 1722, there is a record of William, John, and David Bolen who are fined for absence from road duty on the Germana Rd. , in Spotsylvania Co., VA. Perhaps this William Bolen could be the one who later appeared in Orange Co.
By ca 1735, William Bolling had married. He and his wife Anne are grantees in a 1749 longest-liver lease, when George Taylor leased a farm to William and Anne and his [small] son Samuel Bolling. William and Anne raised their family in southern Orange Co. on the North Fork of Pamunkey Creek of the North Anna River . William died in 1772, and Anne died in 1790, both in Orange Co., VA. These are their children:

  1. John Bolling, born ca 1736 in Orange Co., VA and died ca 1812 in Clarke Co., GA. He married Ursula Bell after 1758. She was born ca 1733 in Orange Co., VA and died before 1800, probably in Oglethorpe Co., GA. She was daughter of Roger Bell and his wife Elizabeth, and was the widow of Francis Wisdom when she married John Bolling. John did patriotic service during the Revolution.
  2. William Bolling, born bet. 1736-1744 in Orange Co., VA, died 20 Aug 1778 as a Revolutionary War soldier at Valley Forge .
  3. Jesse Bolling, born bet. 1736-1744 in Orange Co. , VA, died at home but as a Revolutionary War soldier.
  4. Thornberry Bolling, born bet. 1736-1744 in Orange Co. , VA. He was a legatee in his mother’s will in 1790. His last known record was a deed on 22 Feb 1796 in Orange Co., VA. He also served in the Revolutionary War.
  5. Samuel Bolling, born ca 1744-48 in Orange Co., VA, died bet. 9 May and 5 Sep 1808 in Laurens Dist. , SC. He married Abigail Choice bef. 28 Mar 1771 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Abigail was born ca 1751 probably in Orange Co., VA, died bet. 1830 and 10 Nov 1832 in Laurens Co., SC. She was daughter of Tully Choice and Ann Duff. Samuel served as a soldier in the Revolution.
  6. Sarah Bolling, legatee and unmarried in her mother’s will in 1790.

The only two of William and Anne’s children who are known to have descendants are John and Samuel. See World Connect Project, “ubolling7” database, for information on the descendants.

Group Leader: 

Joyce Poole