The New BFA Website

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Welcome to the Bolling Family Association website.

The initial set of changes to convert the website over to an easier to manage Content Management System (CMS) was completed in early 2012.  I would like to thank everyone who helped location any issues, misspellings, and to improve navigation on the site during the pre-release phase.  Should you experience any problems navigation the website, please contact the administrator and provide a brief description of the problem and any steps that may need to reproduce the problem.

You can also contact the administrator if you have any feature requests or questions.  During the transition to a CMS-based design, several visitors provided comments and most were quite easy to implement.  While not every request may be easy to implement, it never hurts to ask.   One upcoming feature that I hope to provide before the 2013 Reunion occurs (October timeframe) is online membership renewal and registration.

If you need to access to previous website content, it is still available at


DNA test

My husbands DNA test placed him in Group 5. His kit number is not listed in the DNA survey. Earliest known ancestor is James Bowling(New Kent County-George Alves).