Board of Directors

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Below is contact list for the current Bolling Family Association Board of Directors.  You can contact them by email

2012 Board of Directors
President Woody Bentley
Vice President Carol Bowlin Smith
Genealogist Consultant Todd Bolen
Secretary Claire Bentley
Treasurer Betty Pickell
Acting Treasurer Barbara Chapman
Assistant Secretary Tracy Smith Livoti
President, Bolling Foundation Woody Bentley
Treasurer, Bolling Foundation John Bowling
Directory, Bolling Foundation Larry Bowling
Member Emeritus Flora Adams
Member Emeritus Blair Bolling
Member Emeritus Bobbie Lee
Director Emeritus Lee Stifter
Director & Family Genealogy Coordinator Larry Bowling
Director Mary Stuart Bolling
Director John Bowling
Director Traci Bowling-Pollard
Director Burt Bostwick
Director Ran Pickell
Director & Website Manager Chip Boling
Director & Genealogical Database Administrator Jeff Jacobs
Associate Director Randy Bell
Associate Director Bob Bowling
Artist Frank Bolling
Editor Woody Bentley
Legal Counsel - vacant -

Mailing Address:   Bolling Family Association, P.O. Box 591,  Vienna, VA  22183-1052