Pictures, lots of pictures

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Determine the best way to allow users to provide pictures
Needs to  be easy to use

Traci and woody should have some to start with.  Also the ones I took at the reunion


I am trying to find deeds and such to prove Mary Burton Agusta Bolling is related to Mary Burton Bolling who was her mother and Father Col. Robert Bolling. Then going from Col. Robert Bolling to his father Maj. John Bolling and Elizabeth Blair to Maj. John's father Col. John Bolling and Mary Kennon. Col. John Bollings parents were Col. Robert Bolling and Jane Rolfe and her parents Thomas Rolfe and Jane Poythress. up to  Jon Rolfe and Pocahontas.

I need to prove Mary Burton Agusta Bolling whom married John Monro Bannister a true Bolling.